[TLS] Community Servers

About TLS Community Servers

Let us start out with the basics we are a small community of multiple game servers we have over 900 Discord members. We also run Minecraft Survival With friends Server, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Surf Servers, and Rust 5x and 3x servers as well!

The Story of TLS

How TLS Started was by some guy named MattPursuit who got banned from a certain CSGO Surf Server. What happened then became something much bigger a whole community started by MattPursuit and Mastermeir. Then We met BacconGang who is excellent at server development as we started a small csgo surf server and started gaining traction we became something more something bigger we started to gain a player base and gain over 40 players and over 2000 more players a day. As we expanded our surroundings to new horizons of games we started out with Minecraft which is starting to gain traction now! Then came in rust which is our newest edition for TLS we hope you guys can read this and enjoy all the fun times everyone is having as we say thank you for being apart of TLS Community Servers!!!!!!