[TLS] Community Servers


1. Do not advertise, especially gambling sites.
2. Do not harass other players.
3. Blatant racism and sexism is not allowed. Minor jokes are fine.
4. Do not encourage other players to break the rules, or attempt to trick them into doing so.
5. Do not impersonate other players or staff members.
6. Do not use exploits in the game, maps, or server plugins.
7. Do not attempt to evade bans.
8. No mic/chat spamming. Msuic is up to admins/moderators to allow it or not.
9. No toxicity or threatening/intimidating players.
10. Admins must follow the rules and have final say about decisions on a server.
11. Any unspoken loopholes in any rules are up to the discretion of staff members.
12. It is required that you speak English, failure to do so may result in a mute. Sorry its not racist it’s a United States server where the majority speaks English.
13. Use common sense, if you think something shouldn’t be said or done it probably shouldn’t be.